About The TraxSales Retail Traffic Counter


Profits of a retail business is based around the amount of sales you are making. The TraxSales retail traffic counter will give you insights into how to maximize your sales revenue & increase profits.


The Traxsales retail traffic counter will ensure that you are properly staffed during both high & low traffic flow periods. This will optimize customer service & remove the overhead of idle employees.


Marketing & Advertising needs to have the highest return on investment possible. Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with the retail traffic counter solution by TraxSales.


Do you want to know which days, weeks and times have the most clients entering your store? The TraxSales retail traffic counter will give you in depth reports on traffic patterns


Getting clients to enter your location is step one, getting them to buy is the ultimate goal. The TraxSales retail traffic counter give you data on your sales conversion rates to make appropriate changes.


Improving your overall in-store customer service will help in generating more sales & referrals. TraxSales retail traffic counter will give your clients' a better shopping experience.

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Why Use Traffic Counters?

In today’s business world including the retail industry, being able to track your business with accurate analytics are essential to business success and growth. With the help of retail traffic counters and being able to run analytical reports in regards to these numbers, business and store owners can begin to dig deep into their business marketing, sales, and traffic patterns to maximize revenues and minimize expenses.

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The Visual Proof 2


The Visual Proof 2™ Traffic Counting System is the most accurate Traffic Counter in the world, as a matter of fact, calling it just a traffic counter is a disservice. It does not count as people leave your store, instead it counts buying groups as one, and automatically subtracts for non-customer activity.

The retail Visual Proof system provides traffic analysis reports such as staffing to customer activity, closing ratios, revenue per guest, that automatically upload to your PC and/or the Internet, allowing you maximum flexibility to view your data 24/7 anywhere in the world through a secure, password protected portal.

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The Benefits


The numbers and data provided by the TraxSales traffic counting system and CRM can be beneficial to many aspects of your retail business. Benefits include the following:

    – Recognize Traffic Patterns
    – Make Informed Staffing Decisions
    – Understand Impacts of Marketing & Promotions
    – Optimizing Store Hours & Scheduling
    – Visibility of Traffic Flow Trends
    – Increase Sales Revenue & Decrease Overhead

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Staffing & Scheduling

Much of the overhead of a retail business is the staff working the sales floor. By accurately tracking the retail traffic patterns with people counters, business owners can learn a lot about how they should schedule the employees working the floor and ensure that the business dollars for payroll are being used wisely.

By using the TraxSales system you can determine which days, times and months get the most foot traffic into the store. With this information you can make the appropriate staffing decisions that will greatly increase customer service and maximize sales revenue.

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Traffic Counter Checklist

Your goal is to make your business more efficient & make more money. In the following ways the Retail Traffic Counter by TraxSales will do just that:

    – Obtain Traffic Volume & Trends
    – Track & Improve Sales Conversion Ratios
    – Compare Different Stores & Performance
    – Get Accurate Real-Time and Historical Data
    – Make Staff Scheduling More Efficient
    – Optimize Customer Flow to Employee Hours
    – Knowledge of Peak & Low Traffic Periods
    – Give Insight into Setting Store Hours & Days
    – Track Marketing Campaign Impact & Effectiveness

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What The TraxSales Retail Traffic Counter Does For You

There is a reason why more and more retail businesses are implementing retail traffic counters to optimize their retail businesses. The TraxSales eBook will help you understand the importance of having accurate data when implementing business tactics. A few of the reasons are below.



With The TraxSales Retail Traffic Counter Solution You Will Know What Day, Week and Time Your Store Experiences The Most Traffic Flow.



TraxSales Retail Traffic Counter Will Let You Know Which Advertising Campaigns & Marketing are Giving You the Best Return on Investment



TraxSales Retail Traffic Counter will Help you Optimally Staff Giving You the Ability to Provide the Best Customer Service for Clients



Staffing Effeciently, Increasing Your Sales Conversion Ratios & Improving Customer Service Results in More Money for Your Business