For all of the retail store owners and operators most of you know that in order to make optimal business decisions you need to know client traffic data for your store.  Collecting the data with an accurate retail traffic counters like the Traxsales Visual Proof 2 is only step one, but it is a very important one.

As the old saying goes Garbage In/Garbage Out, this holds true to retail traffic counters as well.  When you use out of date technology like infrared traffic counters you can base your business decisions on inaccurate data and might be hurting your company instead of helping it.  The Visual Proof 2 retail traffic counting system by TraxSales can boast close to 100% accuracy with using camera technology that allows the client to remove non-client pictures and therefore gives you precise data.

TraxSales has been be in the traffic counting technology sector for 20 years so they are here to stay.  To go along with the traffic counting data you will easily be able to use the over 20 different reports provided by TraxSales to change business operations as needed to ensure growth and success for your retail store and stay a step ahead of your competitors.  

Some of the benefits of having a Traxsales retail traffic counter and using the data provided by this system is measuring marketing efforts, optimizing store hours, aligning staffing to traffic, and visibility of traffic flow trends. All of these are necessary to ensure that your business is running properly and maximizing profits while minimizing overhead.

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