Retail traffic counters have become a mainstay in the world of shopping in order to optimize the retail store and to stay ahead of competitors and maximize profits.  If you are not implementing a retail traffic counter system you are falling behind others that are putting them in place.

Let TraxSales walk you through the Visual Proof 2 retail traffic counter system and why it is miles ahead of other traffic counters on the market today.  The Visual Proof 2 uses camera technology to supply the most accurate traffic counting data to go along with its over 20 automatically generated reports that will turn that data into insights into your business.  This traffic counter will help you optimize staffing to ensure your overhead is where it should be, show the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising campaigns, compare various stores in order to improve overall company performance, increase sales conversion ratios to grow your profits, help your locations have better customer service and much more.

TraxSales has been in the retail traffic counting technology sector for over 20 years, let us walk you through a quick 15 minute online demo of the Visual Proof 2 retail traffic counter, and show you how you can take your business to the next level.