TraxSales Focuses on Five Different Areas in regards to retail traffic counter technology and client relationship management. All of these items are based around you the business owner optimizing your business, increasing your sales and improving customer service. All of these will lead to increased sales and decreased overhead, maximizing profits.

Retail Door Traffic Counters

This has been determined TRAXSales Visual Proof2 traffic counters is the most accurate technology on the market today. For retail businesses that want the most accurate data to run and implement business tactics to guarantee success The TraxSales’ traffic counting unit is the best & only choice. The Visual Proof 2 by TraxSales is considered one of the most powerful and accurate management tools in the retail sector for companies looking to stay a step ahead of their competitors

Analytical Reporting

TraxSales accurate data and reports takes the guessing out of running and managing your retail business. Getting the numbers is one only part of the process, the TraxSales automatically generated reports will turn the data into insights into your business. Do not make business decisions based on what you “think” is happening inside your store, make business decisions on what you “know” is going on in each of your locations. The TraxSales reports will ensure that you will increase profits and sales while at the same time decreasing overhead with optimal staff scheduling.

Understand the Data

Implementing a TraxSales retail traffic counter in your retail location is just the beginning. The team at TraxSales will take time time to walk you through the over 20 different analytical reports to ensure you understand the data being processed for your specific business. TraxSales will show you how making small changes in your business, most of which will not cost you a penny can increase the number of sales and bring more clients through your doors. Increasing sales conversion rates, tracking marketing and promotions to find out which have the best ROI, improving customer service and optimising your sales floor are just a few of the items the TraxSales team will help you focus on.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

There is more than just bringing the clients into your retail locations. TraxSales has patented a customer relationship software called the Upboard. This system will allow you to now only help manage your sales floor more efficiently, it will help generate more revenue from unsold customers. Not everyone that comes into your location is going to make a purchase, some are browsing to compare prices and make a decision at a later date. TraxSales CRM system allows you to touch base with the potential sales opportunities and brings them back into the store to become a paying client. This system streamlines sales force management, enhances salesperson responsiveness, tracks sold and unsold opportunities, improves customer satisfaction, and increases sales and profits.

Technical Support

TraxSales has a professional technical support team in place to ensure that your system is running properly and will walk you through any questions that arise during the implementation of the system or any problems you run into at any time. When the phone rings at the TraxSales office expect to have a friendly, helpful voice on the other end to tend to your every need. If you system ever has a problem that requires the unit to be replaced, TraxSales will immediately send out a replacement unit and get it online for you right away. At TraxSales we know that you have a thousand things to do in a day to make sure that your business is running at optimal levels, and the TraxSales system will never be one of your worries. To add to this the TraxSales team will walk you through training of both you and your staff on the usage of the traffic counter and CRM system to be able to use it at its full potential.